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Louie’s Kids’ mission is to empower kids to make positive physical and mental changes for a healthier and more productive life. We also encourage participation in community-oriented parts of our programs with one-on-one support. This year we partner with The Citadel Bulldogs Family Run Program for the Louie’s Kids Big Dog Little Dog 8-week training for the 2022 Reindeer Run.

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Louie’s Kids

Our Mission & Vision

To empower kids to make physical and mental changes for a healthier and more productive life. To strengthen the future of the communities we serve by making children better, healthier citizens. To provide excellent stewardship to those funders who invest their time and treasure in the children we serve. To provide our employees with challenging and rewarding careers in facilitating healthy changes in children.

Executive Team

Louis Yuhasz

Louis Yuhasz

Executive Director

A native of Alexandria, Virginia, Louis Yuhasz was the child of a morbidly obese parent – affectionately named “Big Louie.” Louis’ father weighed 550 pounds at the time of his death in January 2001. Louis founded Louie’s Kids…

Margaret Moss Taylor

Margaret Moss Taylor

Counseling / Behavioral Therapist

Margaret’s professional education includes a master’s degree in counseling from Clemson University and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Davidson College. Since graduate school, her counseling career has included work in a residential treatment center,

Justin Bennett

Justin Bennett

Athletic Program Director

Justin Bennett is a native of Charleston, SC and attended The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, where he attained a degree in accounting. Justin started volunteering with Louie’s Kids in the spring of  2011. He has been a running track and field since high school and has completed more than 12 marathons.

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Family Trainings for Reindeer Run 2022

Family Trainings for Reindeer Run 2022

Join us for our BIG DOG LITTLE DOG 2022 Training as we partner with the Citadel Bulldogs Family Run Program. Starting on Monday, October 10th, we will meet every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at Mount Pleasant's Waterfront Park. This training runs for eight...

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Liquid calories in just about any form —sweet tea, juice, soda and yes alcohol — are in fact “stealth calories.” Stealth because they come in undetected under the radar screen but have an impact that can be enormous. When people eat calories in the form of solid food,...

Healthy on a Getaway

Healthy on a Getaway

Healthy on a two month getaway in Costa Rica proved easy for me and my other half. Today’s column addresses what’s so healthy about a country like Costa Rica …and what’s not so healthy. Well breakfast is “Comida Tipica,” or the “typical breakfast,” normally starts out...

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