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Louie’s Kids is an organization focused on addressing and helping with life changing programs for children and families who deal with childhood obesity. We have a team that offers their expertise, time and passion with nutrition, fitness, self confidence, and more. Another team at Louie’s Kids who  plan and coordinate the many successful fundraisers over the course of our 11 year history.

Louie’s Kids runs a very lean organization, seeks to maximize every donated dollar to the benefit of kids and families. Donations help pay for programs, supplies, healthy food and snacks, transportation, classes, and more.

Since 2001 our supporters have invested over $800,000 in fighting childhood obesity. Now we need your support so our programs can grow at least as fast as the problem.

We can change a kid’s life for as little as $60, paying for a six-month program in their community. More difficult cases might require as much as $600.

We know that childhood obesity is an epidemic, and that education alone won’t solve it. So will you help us with a contribution today to address this growing crisis?


Thank you for your gift to us. No matter how you give, every bit helps support Louie’s Kids’ programs and our efforts to help one kid at a time in his or her quest to get healthy and happy for life. So often our kids come to us without proper shoes or athletic attire so we do our best to give them the tools and gear necessary to succeed in their weight loss. To give you an idea of what things cost and how your money will be used:

$40 Buys a Girl a Sports Bra
$55 Buys Running Shoes, Athletic socks, T-Shirt for one Child
$70 Pays for 1 Hour of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
$250 Pays for an Annual Teen Membership Fee for a YMCA
$1680 Pays for 12 Weeks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As you can see, this is not an inexpensive endeavor. Every dollar counts and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gracious donation.



We have a big task ahead of us: one that is in the headlines and in our hearts daily. At Louie’s Kids, we rely on private donations to make our ends meet and our team moving forward. Without these generous donations we wouldn’t be able to keep our lights on, our kids in fitness programs, in sessions with their Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and sometimes with food on their tables they often are lacking. We know you hear from so many and want to support many in your community.

With a recurring donation, you may spread out your gift to Louie’s Kids so $50 or $100 broken down over monthly payments makes it much easier to support us so that we may keep things going for the health of our nation’s kids. Our recurring donation is simple and easy. We thank you for every dollar you give.



Louie’s Kids, a 501(c)(3), is the only not-for-profit organization in the United States helping identify treatment programs for overweight and obese children. The monies raised by our events and sponsors will be used to fund programs and offer grants and assistance to kids throughout our community and beyond.


We need your help. Our children need your help. Childhood obesity isn’t going away. As an individual paying personal taxes or as a business owner responsible for corporate taxes, you currently are shouldering a percent of the staggering insurance costs related to obesity-related health care. Our goal is to inspire all of us, all of Charleston and the nation to recognize that we will have to, as a community, help these kids one-on-one to fight this epidemic.

Because our kids and our stories have heart, we have the ability to reach many audiences, spreading the word of your business and of our mission. Together, we CAN make a difference, to both of our audiences.


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Because we know everyone has a budget and desired audience to reach, we can personalize any sponsorship package to suit the needs of your company. Please feel free to ask to customize a program or sponsor level to best fit your customers and budget. We thank you for your support.

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