It amazes me how much I do NOT miss peanut butter. I don’t have any in my apartment, but my boyfriend does. I see the jar sitting there when I open the cabinet, I know it is there, but I just do NOT want it. I have NO desire to eat peanut butter right now. Actually, he had a peanut butter cup the other night and the smell of the peanut butter was not even pleasant (my brother will appreciate that comment). The more days that pass without peanut butter the more I wonder if I will even purchase peanut butter to have in my home again. I am not going to say I ‘never’ will, because as we know, life happens, and there are some things that we cannot predict, but as of right now, I don’t plan to.

Interestingly enough I think something happened tonight that could have been challenging and/or another trigger. I was in the supermarket and decided I wanted to pick up apple butter. Apple butter is something I have purchased in the past, as an alternative “shmear,” so I thought it would be an appropriate time to get some. So, I remember the apple butter is with the jams, which are with the peanut butters. So, here I am in the peanut butter aisle, actually right next to the peanut butter looking for the apple butter. I stood there for a few minutes looking for the apple butter and I occasionally found my eyes wandering over, just a few inches, to the peanut butter section to see what new peanut butters they had. I thought about it and surprisingly I did not even pick up one to look at the nutritional label, which I always do comparing different items and brands. I got what I needed (and actually did not even get the apple butter) and left the supermarket, once again with no peanut butter.

Change is a funny thing. It is overwhelming when we think about it, but once we come up with a plan and actually put the plan into action, it is not that hard—especially when we see results, including physical and/or emotional results.

Not to my surprise, but perhaps to others, I feel great! I have noticed several changes and the only thing I changed was eliminating peanut butter from my diet, so I am pretty certain it has something to do with that.

Have you decided to challenge yourself by making a change? Let me know how it is going and don’t be discouraged if for some reason you had a setback. Remember, life happens and slips just mean it is time to re-tweak your plan.

Stay tuned for continued updates on my challenge, which I have now decided to call the Peanut Butter Diaries.