DC half

I have to admit that I have been so busy and so focussed on  my upcoming half marathon (in 2 days) that I completely forgot about these PB diaries.

It’s Interesting how that happened to me.   I talk to my patients about cravings, about staying in the moment, and about drinking water and distracting yourself by doing something else for at least 10 minutes.  I tell them that a true craving typically passes in that time and you forget about it.  So, in essence I think that what happened with me this week is that I was busy, I was distracted, PB was not on my mind.  Rather, running and staying healthy was.  I must be honest, though.  One day I was a bit stressed spoonful of PBand for a few seconds the thought, “Oh I wish I had just a spoonful of PB!” did cross my mind, but instead I went for a brisk walk.  I usually go for a run at those times, but I was  not home and didn’t have my running shoes with me. But any physical activity does the job.  Actually, now that I think of it,  I thought one other time  about PB this week and how I couldn’t have it right then. This time was after my long run last Saturday. I tend to make myself a great brunch with lots of protein and nutrients after my long runs.  Then a few hours later, I may want a snack, usually an apple with PB.  When that time came last Saturday, I thought about having the snack and then that thought quickly left.  Looking back now at the events of the past week and my behaviors and reactions, I see that I changed my automatic actions.  As I tell my patients, change takes time, but eventually we will develop new automatic thoughts and behaviors, if we train ourselves to do so.

So, as I mentioned in 2 days is another half marathon in the books for me and when this PB challenge started I mentioned that I would not eat PB until after this race weekend. I have realized a lot in the past 4 weeks and one is that I do NOT NEED PB. Another thing I realized is that there are certain foods that I do not eat all of the time, but when I do eat them I truly love them and enjoy them to the max. I wonder if PB is going to be one of those foods for me. I thought about not having it in my apartment and only having it when I am out, like special occasions (i.e. self-serve fro yo place). Just kidding on the special occasions, but that is how I am with steak, but honestly I am not sure what I will do yet. I am going to wait and see. BUT, I do know where I will have PB for the first time again. There is this great little café in the village in NYC called the PB&CO. I am sure some of you have seen their PB in stores. I have only been once with some of my closest girlfriends years ago, because of course we all love PB. So, when this is over I have plans to go with a few other people. I can picture myself now. If any of you have seen me eat steak (the rare times that I do) or sushi, specifically the Mamamia roll at my favorite sushi place, it will be quite similar. Expect me to be fully focused, my eyes closed, no talking allowed, and fully enjoying it—if that is not mindful eating, I don’t know what is! I have to go and get my green attire together for my half marathon, so until next time……the PB diaries continue.