My name is Deanna Smith and I have been the Director of Programs at Louie’s Kids for a month now. When I accepted the job I knew there was an exciting adventure ahead of me. Every day is filled with exciting new projects to tackle. One of my responsibilities is to expand the Saturday Family Workouts. Currently Louie’s Kids offers workouts on Thursday evening and Saturday morning at Hampton Park. We are looking to expand to other areas, such as North Charleston and Summerville.

I attend the Dubose Middle School Health Fair on Tuesday October 8th with our awesome Volunteer Coordinator Jenny Angelino. Jenny and I spent the evening talking with parents and children about Louie’s Kids, our mission and how they can get involved to help fight childhood obesity. I was able to meet some wonderful people and make connections with others who are focused on health and wellness. I spoke to the families and children about having a free family workout at one of their local parks and they were excited about the prospect.

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Mr. Crosby, the assistant principal at Dubose Middle School was very excited to have Louie’s Kids at the Health Fair and expressed an interest in a Run Buddies program for his school next year. Keep checking our website for our new family workout locations. Also, we are seeking volunteers in the Summerville area to help us launch the family workouts. Please contact Louie’s Kids if you are interested in being a part of our mission and fighting childhood obesity one child at a time.