Get healthy and walk daily!Howdy, Kids, from Lori Bell!  I have some exciting news that is also kind of scary for me,  but I am committed.   Here’s what’s happening:

On Saturday, March 16, I am walking a 5K event in support of youTHink and the Zimmer Children’s Museum!   Yes, I am going to walk in a real Marathon, because I really believe in supporting the great work being done to create a special museum just for KIDS (of all ages, of course).

So, my part is to get people to sponsor me  (which I have done–that was the easy part) and then make the long walk.  The challenge now is actually DOING IT!  I have been working out and exercising as often as I can. Some days when I feel tired, I remind myself that I have to get moving so that I can build up my stamina. Yesterday, I rode a bike for 20 minutes and that was all I had time for.   But at least I did SOMETHING — and I felt GREAT afterwards!

I will let you know how my “Big Walk” goes, kids!   Wish me luck.  And please remember:  No matter how tired you think you are, you can always do 20 minutes of exercise to get your blood flowing.    You can rest well after that!

Hugs from your “Walk-Buddy,”   Lori Bell, in Sunny Southern California