Hello to all-

It’s been a Great year at Louie’s Kids! As a New Year is upon us, we would love to share some of our past season’s success.

Since we last caught up we’ve finished two very successful races!

The Flopping flounder 2016: 27 families did the program 23 families raced 4 kids placed and our kids and their families just completed the James island Connector Run 2016: 18 families did the program 11 families raced, 2 kids placed in their age group –AAAhmazing

Our Little Chef Big Chef Events

We are always trying hard to fundraise for the Family Race Clubs. One of our best of the year happened in not just Charleston, but also in Nashville, Tennessee, where Louie’s Kids has a presence at the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Both were huge successes. In Nashville, a first year effort, we raise over $5,000.00 that will go into a community health fund at the Community Foundation there. Those dollars will be spread to organizations like ours that are making a difference for children and families lives around health. The kids came from the Edge-hill Bike Club their mission is to get kids moving and teach them how to ride a bike, bike safety and to enlist them in bike rodeos and races. Along with Edge Hill the fund at CFMT also shared funds with the Mayor’s couch to 5k program and Cooks Academy,  helping men and women who cook in Title I daycare and pre-k programs how to cook. This is huge because then these budding culinary artists go home and cook for their families.

We would not be able to have hosted such an event in Nashville had it not been for our incredible sponsors, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods Market of Franklin, City House, Chef’s Tandy Wilson, Matt Bolus of the 404 Kitchen, Michael Martin of Whole Foods Market Franklin and Rebekah Turshen of City House. Also our amazing in-kind sponsors, Goose Island Beer Company, again Whole Foods Market Franklin, 2nd Floor Company, The Hutton Hotel (if you’re going to Nashville you have to stay with our friends at the Hutton. Another amazing sponsor was Williams Sonoma of Nashville and Music City Tents who helped with all the rentals. Because of each of these folks sponsorship we were able to raise over $6,000.00 for the fund. 

Meanwhile in year 8 of Little Chef big chef in Charleston we raised a record $51,000.00 and have The Hall Family from Hall Management Group, High Cotton Restaurant, US Foods, Goose Island Beer Company in association with Anheuser Busch, Curated Wine Selections, Southwest Airlines, NDG, Southern First Bank, Cox, Smith & Associates, Blackbaud, Flugel Consulting, 2nd Floor Company, and Motley Rice. Our chef’s were some of the most celebrated in Charleston and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to them. Our host chef Shawn Kelly of High Cotton Restaurant, Michelle Weaver of Charleston Grill, Graham Dailey of Peninsula Grill, James Beard nominee, Jeremiah Bacon of The Macintosh and Michael Toscano of Le Farfalle, were all, like our chef’s in Nashville, rock stars, the real work of this event was the time, energy and talent shared in the kitchens of these amazing chefs.

Notes From Our Team

Here’s a word from our Athletic Director Kelly Thompson, Kelly’s been with Louie’s Kids for almost 5 years, she’s active, works at 9-Round and is also a personal fitness coach for many folks and families in the Charleston area.

Have you ever had that feeling when something is so great it couldn’t get any better? It’s the feeling I have every Family Race Program, and the next just keeps getting better! The Flopping’ Flounder Program 2016 was one of my favorites, everyone became one large family, all working together to help each other get through and achieve their own personal goals. Even with the small obstacles of mother nature for the James Island Program our crew never let down, we pushed each other with their at home runs which made it a huge success! To be able to see a family transform in a period as short as 7 weeks, to see the bond grow, and the excitement to do something as a family and become healthier individuals is exactly why I love what I do.

One of the most important parts of our family program is Cognitive Behavioral Change, and Margaret Taylor, M.ED, LPC leads this most important part of our work helping us chart a blueprint for change! We are always trying to make “behavior change” a part of of our program whether it is onsite at a workout, or through individualized online counseling. 

Again we strive to make “behavior change,” a part of our programs, so with that in mind here’s a word to the wise for this upcoming holiday season from Ms. Margaret our Behavioral Counselor and resident “Parent Coach,” check it out:

1) Make SMALL CHANGES each week and stick with them.  Eliminate snacking in the car, eat small portions , and make your lunch and a good protein breakfast.  Small changes build gradual successes.  

2) TALK TO YOURSELF.   “I will enjoy pecan pie more if I fit in exercise” ” I’m going to put smaller portions on my plate, or eat half of the restaurant portion”.  Complimenting, coaching, and reassuring yourself allows you to enjoy some of your favorite holiday traditions at a new pace and from a new frame of mind.

3)  Keep PARTY food, cafeteria food, and the buffet table in the background all year, not just during the holidays. Make a plan for your plate, and shop the grocery store perimeter.

Year round balance is what we aim for. 


Our volunteers are in a word incredible. Each week literally dozens of men and women give of their time and talent in dozens of ways. I want you all to hear from one of our first time volunteers, Buzz D.:

I wasn’t sure what to expect when myself and 3 other men that I rallied to join me back in the summer months but I knew after Jenny and I met the first time that I wanted to be a part of Louie’s Kids. The reason I knew this is because I love working with kids, I always have since my two girls were young ( they are now 26 & 30).

I just wanted to tell you all that your program is amazing!! I love it! From all the volunteers to the parents and the excitement the children bring each Wednesday that I volunteered. Louie by the way is the biggest cheer leader of all ( thumbs up Louie)!!

I love Kelly’s passion and curriculum, it’s always fun, intense and motivating. The other thing that struck me was the commitment the parents make not only for their kids but for themselves. I asked one Mom on the last night what she thought after 7 weeks of training and she said ” I love it and can’t wait to come back and that she was so impressed with the energy of all the participants and volunteers” . A credit to you all for developing such a great program and I can’t wait for the next session.

The Season of Giving

This fall we’ll begin a campaign to raise funds online to help families who may not be able to pay the fees associated with the Cooper River Bridge Run Training set to begin Jan. 11 for 12 weeks each Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 at Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant. The “Season of Giving,” campaign will get all of our board, our volunteers, our families -and YOU, engaged for year end giving. Stay tuned on ways to create your own giving page and help another family this holiday season realize their fitness goals in 2017. 

Happy Holidays! See you in 2017!