lk_dollarday_graphicAs you know, Louie’s Kids is about helping children overcome obesity and teaching them how to live a healthy life. But did you know that many times, the children that come to us – in their quest to get healthy – don’t have proper shoes or athletic attire? They simply need the right gear to succeed.

It’s the season of giving and Louie’s Kids would be so thankful for any and all donations. Our goal is for folks to please consider giving $1 a day for 25 days.

Here’s how your donation can make a difference:
$40 buys a girl a sports bra
$55 buys running shoes, athletic socks and a T-shirt for one child
$70 pays for 1 hour of cognitive behavioral therapy
$250 pays for an annual teen Membership fee for a YMCA
$1,680 pays for 12 weeks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Every dollar counts and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gracious donation.

Click here to make a donation.