Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 Fundraiser for Louie’s Kids
Halls Signature Events / 7 to 10pm
$175 Per Ticket / Call 843 242-3185 to purchase tickets

All Proceeds go to help Louie’s Kids fight Childhood Obesity

Little Chef Big Chef

Louie’s Kids is the nation’s oldest organization devoted to helping families lose weight, get off the couch and start taking care of their lives. Pediatric and adolescent obesity plagues one in four American kids today. This year is the Twentieth Anniversary of Louie’s Kids. Since April, 2001 Louie’s Kids has provided well over 1,000 children and families with a new opportunity to jump start their health.

We are so pleased to have Chip Plasitowe of Halls Signature Events as our host chef this year and this seated dinner will revolve around five children and their families, matched with four amazing other chefs. Throughout this five-course dinner, each child/chef team will present their dish to the guests. The purpose of this exercise is to educate the diners about the decision for each course, why it’s a healthy alternative and the simplicity of making healthy choices in their own home. Each child/chef team will be awarded a Louie’s Kids cutting board to remind them of their accomplishments and efforts while sharing their knowledge of a healthy lifestyle.


Richard Plaistowe

Host Chef

Halls Signature Events at 5 Faber Pl

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