June 25th at Halls Signature Events

It is that time again! Join Louie’s Kids for a  very special night for one of the hottest fundraising tickets in town. The Louie’s Kids Little Chef Big Chef event will be held Monday, June 25th at Halls Signature Events at 5 Faber St. in downtown Charleston, SC. The four course dinner and event runs from 7-10 PM. Maximum attendance will be 80 guests.

This dinner will revolve around five children who are paired with five celebrated chefs. Throughout this four course dinner, each child/chef team will present their dish to the guests. Part of the purpose of the event is for the kids to have fun learning and educating everyone about the story behind each course, why it’s a healthy alternative, and the simplicity of making healthy choices in their own home. The chefs work with kids multiple times in the weeks leading up to the event to teach technique, and how to source healthy foods and prepare great dishes. This also helps to build confidence in their abilities to create dishes and present to guests. These kids are not only changing their own lives through the programs of Louie’s Kids, but they’re changing the lives of their families and those around them. It becomes more than just about the food, as it really becomes a long term commitment of making choices for a healthier lifestyle, achieving goals, and celebrating accomplishments.

Please join us for a wonderful evening that many say is among their most memorable and meaningful events they attend. Tickets are limited. Tickets are $240 person with the alcohol pairings, and $175 without alcohol. This intimate four course fundraising culinary experience prepared by our renowned chefs with pairings by Palmetto Brewery and Curated Selections is a great value. All proceeds go to benefit the Louie’s Kids’ programs to fight childhood obesity that lead to creating healthy lifestyle habits, improved confidence and better life choices for our kids.

To get your tickets, please call 843 724-3808