LCBC kids in front of whole foods

It’s days like today that really make you pause, sit back and appreciate all that is good in the world. As you probably know, Louie’s Kids is having their annual fundraiser Little Chef Big Chef on August 25 at The Ordinary. The children who are participating as this year’s Little Chefs have something else to look forward to before making their big kitchen debuts: they will all be attending a health and wellness summer camp, thanks to the generous donations Louie’s Kids continues to receive from the community. Today, Louis got the children and their parents together for a lunch at Whole Foods to go over some of the last few details for camp…but he had a few other surprises in store.

Louis speaking to LCBC kids at lunch

While everyone was enjoying their healthy lunch, graciously donated by the LCBC title sponsor Whole Foods, Louis gave each one of the children the opportunity to talk through how they were feeling with camp just a few days away. Keep in mind, for some of these kids it’s their first time away from home (which I wasn’t sure who seemed more anxious at lunch, the children or the parents!) but all of them were nothing short of excited. At the end of the chat Louis introduced Beezer Molten, a close friend of his, to the group. Louis proceeded to tell the children and their parents that Beezer, who started Half-Moon Outfitters some 21 years ago, was donating gear and clothing from his stores to each of the kids for them to take to camp! The kids (and their parents) faces lit up! Immediately they started going through the gift bags, pulling out sunglasses, t-shirts, shoes, flip-flops, pullovers, bathing suits…and the list goes on!

beezer handing donated items to LCBC

LCBC child opening donated shoes

I was sitting next to Mrs. Brown at the time and was chatting with her about her son Rayshawn’s upcoming trip, the gifts from Half-Moon and what Louie’s Kids has meant to him over the past 2 years. She is so proud of Rayshawn and could not stop expressing her appreciation. Sitting across from me were Adrian and his mother, who I am fairly certain said she was fighting back tears at the sight of the gifts. You see, these donations covered nearly all the “must-have” items listed for camp, and with them these kids are more motivated than ever.

half-moon donated items to louie's kids

Like I said, it takes a day like today to remind you of all that is good in the world. It was inspiring to hear the parents discussing their desire to join in their children’s new healthy and active lifestyle, from them coaching themselves on the activities their kids will be taking part in at camp, to even trying out a few new healthy recipes for meals when they return. And even though the gifts from Half-Moon were a big hit with everyone, I feel like Beezer’s lasting contribution to the children was the advice he shared with them. Beezer, who fittingly enough is an avid outdoorsman where fear of the unknown is a part of his daily routine, left them with these wise words should they ever get discouraged while away: “Fear is a part of everyday life, but it is something you HAVE to work through.”

whole foods grill

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