Lori finished her walkGreetings Kids (of All Ages) from Lori Bell!

I have great news to share with you this week! I made it across the finish line of the Big 5k Walk for Charity! It was my first time ever walking a marathon this long, and it was a major challenge both physically, and mentally. The fear of not making it was overwhelming. I like to win – who doesn’t?  So, often when you are not sure how things will turn out, sometimes you just don’t even want to try. But in this case I had made a commitment to help raise money for a great cause for kids — and this is what got me up at 6 am on a Saturday morning.

I just want you to know that even if you are scared to try something like this,  YOU CAN DO IT if you try.  When the race started, I saw people in wheel chairs, people with artificial legs, small kids, and people with all types of “abilities” and challenges. The wonderful lady that I walked with (she and her mom) has a muscular issue she has had since a young age and she did it!

When we came to one point where we could see the finish line and could have easily “cut” through and made it very easy — they looked at me and said, “Lori, you know if you are too tired we can cut over and finish now … it’s up to you.”   I turned and saw a big party going on and heard the music and saw all the people who had already finished.  Then I turned to look at the very long road ahead of us.  I closed my eyes and thought about it for a long minute.  Something inside me said “Do it right, Lori” and I told them, “I am NOT a cheater, so we need to do it the right way!  Let’s go!  Let’s finish this marathon if it takes us all day.”

Well, it took us longer than everyone else, and we ended up being the last ones to cross the finish line!  It was a bit embarassing, but everyone was cheering us on along the way, and when we got to the end, they took our pictures, and we were all very happy to have done it!

I  want you to know that if you push yourself hard enough, you can do things you never thought possible. You can do a marathon, you can skate, swim, hike and be active no matter what size you are. Just be gentle with yourself and go at your own pace.

Until the next blog… yours truly, Lori Bell!