On Tuesday, May 6th Give Local America is happening all across the country. Here in Charleston, Louie’s Kids has a special opportunity that day, thanks to the generosity of the Pearlstine Family Foundation and the Coastal Community Foundation. If donations for Louie’s Kids are placed through our website on May 6th, we will be able to properly direct the donations for the Pearlstine Foundation matching credit, which for every dollar you give to Louie’s Kids on May 6th, the Pearlstine Foundation will match it!  This is huge for us!

If you given to Louie’s Kids before and feel that your donation has been put to great use, we would be grateful if you marked your calendar for May 6th to visit our website, and follow the donation links through the Pearlstine Foundation so we can take advantage of this unique opportunity!

If you haven’t donated to Louie’s Kids before, but have given it some thought, this would be a great time to receive your gift so we can reach more children and families who need our assistance. Visit our website on Tuesday, May 6th, and give through our special donation channel that we’ll have set up that day!

We’re excited about the great opportunity to participate in the National Day of Giving, and thank you in advance for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.