One Child at a Time

The Problem

One of Three Kids in the United States, roughly 25 million, is considered overweight or obese.

Statistics show that 89% of children who are overweight or obese will become obese adults. Overweight children face premature heart attacks and strokes, will need new hips and joints early in their adult lives, and obesity in adulthood likely will be more severe. Sadly, for the first time in our history, this generation of children will live shorter lives than their parents.

25 Million Children


We find the fix that fits


The Center for Disease Control recently announced that based on current trends, by the year 2030 children would be with born with Type II diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association $174 billion was the total cost spent on diagnosed diabetes in the United States in 2007, with $58 billion for indirect costs such as disability, work loss and premature mortality. Medical expanses are two times higher for a person with diabetes than for one without, and the cost of maintaining a person with diabetes from age 14 to 80 is staggering. In 2022, the average medical cost to a person with diabetes surpassed $9,600 a year, equating to over a half a million dollars in their lifetime. With healthcare costs projected to increase threefold, that number will continue to grow.

Our Organization

Louie’s Kids is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that raises funds to help treat childhood obesity, which afflicts 25 million American children today. Louie’s Kids works to find the best treatment options to meet the needs of each child. We find the fix that fits, one kid at a time. Founded in 2001 in Alexandria, Virginia and operated today out of Charleston, South Carolina, Louie’s Kids serves economically disadvantaged kids nationwide.

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