Greetings kids -young and old!

This was an amazing week, where I pushed my own limits and exercised several days in a row. For some die hards, this might not seem like a big deal, but for me, it was. I normally take a day off in between working out at the gym, but this week, I went three times in three days and worked out on the bike, the elliptical (killer) and did some weights as well. 
I had to talk myself into pushing my body and every time I stopped to rest, it became a question whether to stop or to keep going. But I kept going! I wanted to see the minutes add up to what I programmed into the machine! I want to win at one thing that I CAN CONTROL — and that is putting my energy into keeping that machine going. At one point I was watching the TV at the gym, and there were athletes skiing on a white, icy mountain — so I pretended that I WAS SKIING! I have never done it because of my weight, but I have secretly wished that I could really do it. So, at the gym I let myself imagine I was there and skiing the mountain! It kept me going for a few more minutes until I finished my session! 
I realize that at every turn in life, there are choices … whether sitting at a table with lots of food choices or working out at the gym. I decide what to do. What is it inside our brains (or my brain) that makes the decision in that moment? I can not pinpoint it, but it has to do with “motivation” … and the “drive” to accomplish something. I want to do better, to feel better, to be able to do the physical things that I have secretly wanted to do.

Keeping that picture in my mind is what keeps me going in the right direction. 
Have a great week. Let’s Stay MOTIVATED together! 
Love, Lori Bell