1. Start with Sodas or other sweetened beverages and foods that have added sugar. Also be aware of foods that may have hidden sugars, like soups, canned fruits or vegetables, frozen dinners, and condiments.
  2. It really is the most important meal because it kick-starts your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories throughout the day. Often people skip breakfast because they are don’t like “breakfast foods”. Try a variety of any type of healthy foods for breakfast, you’ll be surprise how you feel for the rest of the day.
  3. Small frequent meals will help you keep you from getting hungry. It is important to snack on foods that or healthy to lose the weight. Stick with foods that are filling but low in calories like fruits and vegetables, or foods such as whole grains and high fiber which provide energy, or foods that provide protein that will keep you full longer like nuts and seeds.
  4. Eat and drink foods that come from natural sources and not from a box or drive thru window. The easiest way to do this is to go grocery shopping to plan and cook your own meals, this way you control what is in your food. You can even save money by purchasing foods that are in season!
  5. It has been seen that people who record what they eat on a daily basis are more likely to lose twice as much weight as someone who doesn’t keep a record. This method is very helpful because it holds yourself accountable, it can help you identify where you might be going wrong in your weight loss goals, and it even can help you restrain from eating more or having something unhealthy knowing you will have to write it down.
  6. Being active should be a priority. Not only is it important to get in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, but also it is also important to be more active in daily activities. Some examples of this could be parking in the very back to walk farther, taking the steps instead of the elevator, running with the dog instead of walking, playing outside games with your kids, doing jumping jacks during commercials, or standing up while checking emails at the office!
  7. Your bodies are designed to sleep and wake up on their own. It is important to get the necessary amount of sleep to keep your body in its natural rhythm. If your body gets thrown off, you will be functioning at only half your potential. Over years lack of sleep can cause you need to supplement with caffeine, which only temporarily fixes the problem. It will also make sugar craving more severe. Trying to go to bed and get up earlier even during half of the week will help improve cravings and give your body more time to recover from your busy life.



1 Cut out sugar

2 Eat Breakfast

3 Snack often

4 Go fresh

5 Record what you eat

6 Move more

7 Sleep