Happy Summer Kids!

Lori Bell here again.  I have given myself a personal challenge to increase my ab crunches to 100 repetitions!  Of course, I do take little breaks as I do them. So, will you challenge yourself to increase your own ab crunches?   100 sounds like a really big number, but I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT  because I CAN DO IT — EVEN IF IT TAKES ME A LITTLE MORE TIME!

If you start at 50 the first time, you can build up the next time to 55, and then to 60 the next time.  Just increase a little bit each day until you are all the way to 100.

Remember, keep your neck supported or relaxed and to use your tummy muscles ONLY to lift your upper body. You can try touching opposite knees, putting your feet together and lifting your chin to the sky, or if you have a gym nearby, you can use the abdominal machine to do crunches.

Have fun, keep breathing and moving, and have a wonderful summer!