Summer is the perfect time to start lots of new habits, like regular paddle boarding or daily sunset walks. It’s also a great time to develop a proper breakfast routine without having to worry about getting to school on time or finishing homework over the kitchen table. The fact is, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, because it can either set you up for a productive day full of good eating choices or a bad one full of both hunger and overindulgence. And who in the world wants that?

 The first step to a good breakfast is simple: eat! Skipping breakfast because you’re running late or you’d rather sleep is not a good excuse, nor is it good for your body. When you wake up, your body needs fuel after more than eight hours asleep. Not eating can send it into starvation mode, causing your stomach to begin storing fat; eating, on the other hand, kickstarts your metabolism and gets your stomach fueled to work for the rest of the day.

 What’s more, not eating in the morning can leads to profound hunger later in the day, so that when it comes time to eat, you’ll likely overindulge and eat more than you should. You’ll also probably be so hungry that you won’t think about what you’re eating, leading to poor food choices. Yikes!

So, you now know that when breakfast rolls around, you need to eat something. Does that include a pack of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a plate of bacon? Of course not. So what should you choose?

The two important factors when it comes to breakfast options are fiber and protein, both of which will fill you up, keep you satisfied throughout the morning, and provide lasting energy during the day. Fiber can be found in fruit, of course, and also in lots of cereals in the grocery store. Just make sure that you’re choosing a cereal fortified with fiber, not tons of sugar, which will only give you a sugar rush and leave you unfocused and hungry within an hour or two. Whole wheat toast or oatmeal are two other great sources of fiber in the morning; they’re also super quick to make and delicious as well.

When it comes to protein, one of the best sources are eggs, which can be enjoyed scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, or just about any other way you like them. Greek yogurt is another great option, as it’s full of protein and healthy probiotics to support digestive health. Just be sure that it’s Greek and that you get a fat free kind with no added sugars. When you eat it, you can stir in some fresh fruit or honey yourself- that way, you control the amount of sugar you’re consuming.

Of course, any of these breakfast choices become even healthier, tastier, and more satisfying when you pair them with some fresh fruit, particularly berries, oranges, or apples in the morning. And now that you know about all of the delicious options available in the mornings, why would you ever skip such a tasty and important meal again?