Louie’s Kids family workouts are a truly exciting time for everyone. I have gone to the Thursday night workouts over the past couple of weeks and the excitement is contagious. A group of various children and adults come together to work out with a trainer and get their sweat on. This past Thursday September 26, 2013 the children got a wonderful surprise. TrySports came to the workout and fitted the children for new running shoes. The smiles on the children’s faces as they walked away with their brand new kicks put a smile on my face.

Kelly conducted an awesome workout for the nineteen children and adults who showed up for the event. Kelly and several volunteers encouraged and motivated the children to push themselves with each activity. They ran, completed drills, sit-ups and push-ups. By the end of the workout everyone was sweating.

I was busy taking pictures so I didn’t get to participate in the workout but I look forward to future workouts where I can push myself and be motivated by these brave children who come out each week so they can reach their fitness and weight loss goals.