Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy during the holidays. The following are a few tips and things to keep in mind during the holidays.

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  1. Focus on weight management vs weight loss during the holidays.
  2. Set realistic goals for the holiday season.
  3. Keep an honest food diary
  4. Anticipate stressful situations and develop a list of how you will handle these challenges. (i.e. if you eat out of emotion and know you will have family stressors at the dinner table).
  5. Make a plan. It’s easier to deal with a situation if you have planned ahead. And set up realistic expectations
  6. Plan on NOT dieting or skipping meals before the holiday meal. Eat regularly throughout the day to limit the chances of binging or over doing it. Remember it’s a LIFESTYLE.
  7. Eat something small and healthy before you go out so you do not show up starving and then overeat
  8. Choose wisely –  ask yourself “What do I really want and enjoy?” Don’t waste calories on things you do not really enjoy
  9. Make the healthier choice
  10. Use a smaller plate
  11. Participate in mindful eating
  12. Avoid empty calories (i.e. juice, soda, alcohol, energy drinks)
  13. Remember food cravings (psychological) vs. actual hunger (physiological)
  14. Get Moving and stay active– Continue your routine. Maybe decide to exercise in the morning before the meal or include your family and go for a walk while the food is cooking, or afterwards to get fresh air. Other great activities are: signing up for a walk/run, playing a sport, or family fun backyard Olympics.
  15. Be a social butterfly. Don’t sit all day while waiting for the meal to be served. Get up, talk to people, and distract yourself so you do not pick on food all day.

**Celebrations are really about family, friends, and traditions — not food.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!